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Forecastle and Fantail Security Watch When these watches are posted, they are armed with a rifle, a belt, 30 rounds of ammunition, a police whistle, and a flashlight. They should not leave their posts until properly relieved. Upon being relieved they should report this fact to the OOD. They should prevent unauthorized persons from approaching or coming on board the ship. Should any boat or person closely approach the ship, they should challenge the boat or person and positively identify them before directing them to pro- ceed to the gangway. The boat or person should be kept under surveillance until the OOD at the gangway has been notified and taken charge. If the challenge is not answered, it should be repeated; and then if no answer is received, the whistle should be sounded to call for assistance. The watch should be pre- pared to use the rifle as necessary to prevent the approach. If the watch believes that the advancing person  or  boat  is  going  to  cause  serious bodily harm or death, and all other means fail or cannot be reasonably exhausted in time, the use of deadly force becomes neces- sary.  The  use  of  deadly  force  should  be thoroughly understood by all personnel under arms as outlined in SECNAVINST 5500.29A (Use of Force by Personnel Engaged in Law Enforcement and Security Duties). SECTION LEADERS The senior section leader in the division usually directs duty section policy implementation and sees that everyone is treated fairly on the division watch bill. The senior section leader makes decisions involving the operation of the division’s duty sections and evaluates, supervises, and trains the division’s section leaders. The duty section leader is the division’s ranking representative while in a duty status (after normal working hours) and is thus “senior” to all other members of the division (except the division officer and the senior section leader). In order for section leaders to carry out their military and professional responsibilities, they must be given authority that is commensurate with their assigned duties. They are in charge of their duty sections and are responsible for the conduct of the duty section. Because of their position, duty section leaders can demonstrate and develop their abilities as leaders. This opportunity is especially valuable for senior petty officers who would not otherwise have the chance to display or develop these skills. The most important job section leaders perform is seeing that the members of their sections are able to do any job that may be required of them. This will involve a great deal of work from everyone concerned to attain the necessary degree of proficiency. Depending upon the size or class of ship, each division has a duty section leader who is the senior petty officer in each duty section. Therefore, being assigned as a section leader depends upon the size of the command and the number of personnel in your duty section. As a section leader you will have things to report. Always use the chain of command. During normal working hours you should report to your leading petty officer (LPO). The LPO will in turn report to the leading chief petty officer (LCPO) or the division officer. After normal working hours you report to your department duty officer, who reports to the command duty officer. When you are assigned as a section leader, you assume additional responsibilities for the work, conduct, appearance, and welfare of the per- sonnel  in  your  section.  Along  with  these additional responsibilities, you are granted additional authority to properly carry out your duties. The section leader is the first step up the ladder of naval authority. You may be the supervisor for all the routine and special activities of the people in your section, including reveille, quarters for muster, observance of the proper uniform of the day, and for items listed in the Plan of the Day. Also, you are responsible for the damage control functions of your duty section after normal working hours. When your duty section is being relieved, you should pass on to your relief any in- formation regarding the section. This could range from safety hazards to the cleanliness of the ship. 5-13

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