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Aftercare. –Following successful completion of a Level II or III alcohol abuse program and return to their command, persons remain in an "aftercare" status for 180 days. The nature of the aftercare program varies from case to case. Most programs require close observation of the persons during the 180-day period. They also require the persons to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and, if medically authorized, to take part in Antiabuse (disulfiram) therapy. The Navy’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program includes education and rehabilitation. It takes a preventative educational approach by providing information on the effects of alcohol and alcohol addiction through multimedia presentations. Through this program, every naval hospital provides evaluation, detoxification, and primary rehabilitation. The alcohol rehabilitation centers and the smaller alcohol rehabilitation units conduct more extensive treatment and rehabilitation. These centers and units are strategically located in areas with a large concentration of Navy personnel. The Navy’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program has a referral network of voluntary collateral duty counselors. These counselors try to identify specific cases of problem drinking in the early stages. If a counselor spots persons whose performance or health indicates a drinking problem, a medical officer examines them. After drying out in a hospital, if needed, they are admitted to a rehabilitation facility. NAVY  DRUG  AND  ALCOHOL  COUN- SELOR. –Drug and alcohol counselors are graduates of the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School. The counselors have successfully completed a 1-year supervised internship and have earned a secondary Navy Enlisted Classification (SNEC) 9519 through successful completion of the certification examination. They provide evaluation and referral services at the local CAAC to assist local commands in the processing of persons identified as drug or alcohol abusers. They also provide individual and group counseling services to drug and alcohol abusers. Commands and individuals seeking help or information concerning alcohol or drug abuse and abuse control programs may contact these counselors. DRUG AND ALCOHOL PROGRAM ADVISOR (DAPA). –The DAPA is the command representative responsible to the commanding officer for carrying out the NADAP. The DAPA conducts onboard administrative screening as directed by the commanding officer and coordinates or assists in conducting command awareness education. The DAPA assists in monitoring aftercare when required and serves as the command’s self-referral agent. The DAPA is assisted by a Navy aftercare coordinator (NAC) who helps establish and monitor aftercare programs for recovering individuals. COUNSELING AND ASSISTANCE CENTER (CAAC). –The CAAC is a nonresidential facility providing counseling services, clinical screebubg/referral, and local outreach programs for commands in the immediate geographic area. The Navy Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (NADSAP) office is located at the CAAC. NADSAP is a command prevention/remedial education tool, providing 36 hours of education about alcohol and drug abuse. The NADSAP office also provides civilian court liaison for personnel accused of DWI and similar offenses. NADSAP supports and coordinates alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs for local and afloat commands. The CAAC sends a representative to the regional Navy Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council (NDAAC). NAVAL  ALCOHOL  REHABILITATION CENTERS (NAVALREHCEN). –Alcohol rehabili- tation centers (NAVALREHCEN) provide a program of intense  and  comprehensive  rehabilitation  for active-duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel suffering from alcoholism. These centers, located at Norfolk, Virginia; Miramar, California; Jacksonville, Florida; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, are under the command of a medical officer. ALCOHOL REHABILITATION DEPART- MENT (ARDs). –Alcohol  rehabilitation  departments (ARDs) have been established at different Navy hospitals in the United States and some foreign countries. These departments are staffed by a drug and alcohol abuse treatment specialist in addition to medical personnel. The ARD is available to active-duty personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps. OTHER HELPING RESOURCES. –Other helping resources available to you arc the senior Navy people around you. Your division chief, command master chief, or chaplain has the experience, seniority, and knowledge necessary to give you the proper guidance. That doesn’t mean you should jump the chain of command; you should know that is never a good practice. However, if you find yourself in a situation in which your experience or knowledge will not permit you to make an informed decision, you should inform your seniors of the problem and request their assistance. Unless the situation requires complete confidentiality, don’t keep your senior petty officer out of the picture. If 3-21

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