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DEPENDENCY APPLICATION/RECORD OF EMERGENCY DATA, NAVPERS 1070/602W T h e   D e p e n d e n c y   A p p l i c a t i o n / R e c o r d   o f Emergency Data, NAVPERS 1070/602W, Page 2, is a multipurpose  form.  It  is  used  for  both  officer  and enlisted personnel. Figures 16-5 and 16-6 show the worksheet  used  to  enter  information.  When  the worksheet  is  complete,  PSD  personnel  enter  the information into the computer. This then becomes a computerized record that is entered into your Enlisted Service Record. T h e   D e p e n d e n c y   A p p l i c a t i o n / R e c o r d   o f Emergency  Data  serves  as  an  application  for dependency  allowances.  This  form  is  normally completed at the recruit training command, or first duty station, for all personnel with dependents. Information on  this  form  provides  an  immediately  accessible, up-to-date  record  of  emergency  data  for  casualty reporting and notification of the next of kin. Therefore, you need to update this part of the form whenever there is  any  change  in  family  member  status,  such  as marriage, birth, divorce, a change of address, etc. ENLISTED QUALIFICATIONS HISTORY, NAVPERS 1070/604 The  Enlisted  Qualifications  History,  NAVPERS 1070/604, Page 4, is another service record of interest to you and the Navy (figs. 16-7, 16-8, 16-9, 16-10). This form consists of the following 12 parts: 1.  Educational Experience Level 2.  Classification/ASVAB Testing Qualifications 3.  Record  of  Off-Duty  Education/VOC/TECH Training  and  Non-Required  Correspondence Courses 4.  Other Training Courses/Instructions Completed 5.  Navy  Service  Schools/Military  Training Courses 6.   C o r r e s p o n d e n c e   C o u r s e s   R e q u i r e d   f o r Advancement 7.  Navy Enlisted Classifications 8.  Personnel Advancement Requirements 9.  Enlisted Rate/Rating 10.  Designator Record 11.  Awards 12.  Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) The information contained in the various parts of NAVPERS 1070/604 is valuable, both to you and to the N av y.  T h e  i n f o r m a t i o n  p r ov i d e s  a  c o m p l e t e chronological  record  of  the  following  types  of information: Navy enlisted classification (NEC) codes Designators assigned, changed, or revoked Navy service schools attended Navy training courses, performance tests, and personnel qualification standards completed Maintenance  and/or  technical  qualifications attained Advancements, reductions, changes in rate or rating General educational development (GED) tests and off-duty courses completed Decorations received and good conduct, unit, marksmanship,  campaign/service,  and  other awards received If you reenlist, transfer to the Fleet Reserve, or enlist in the Naval Reserve at your place of discharge, the Enlisted Classification Record is removed from your closed (old) service record and inserted in your new record. When you are discharged and do not immediately reenlist, this form is given to you. Upon application for enlistment/reenlistment, this form should be presented to the recruiter along with the discharge certificate. ADMINISTRATIVE REMARKS FORM NAVPERS 1070/613 When  complete,  the  Administrative  Remarks Form, NAVPERS 1070/613, becomes Page 13 of your service record. Page 13 contains miscellaneous entries 16-16 Student Notes:

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