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3-10 Program (NADSAP), the Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor (DAPA), the Right Spirit Campaign, Alcohol Treatment Facilities (ATF), the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor (NDAC), and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers (ARC). NAVY   ALCOHOL   AND   DRUG   SAFETY ACTION PROGRAM.The Navy has a reputation for keeping up with the times. Things change and so does the Navy. In 1974 the Navy started its campaign in the war against alcohol abuse with the Navy Alcohol Safety Action Program (NASAP). In 1980 the Navy Drug Safety Action Program (NDSAP) began to combat use of illegal drugs. Several years later the two programs combined to form the Navy Substance Abuse Prevention Program (NASAPP). The program’s name changed in 1985 to the present title of Navy Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (NADSAP). The purpose of NADSAP is the prevention of alcohol misuse and illegal drug use through the process of individual education. NADSAP provides for the early identification of problem drinkers and alcoholics. NADSAP identifies problem drinkers not only through arrests for traffic violations and driving while intoxicated (DWI) but also through other alcohol-related offenses  or  incidents. Some  of  these  incidents  are  job  accidents,  safety violations,  fights,  unauthorized  absences  and  other breaches of discipline, family difficulties, or hospital treatment. NADSAP's objective is to promote zero tolerance of alcohol abuse. NADSAP also provides educational programs designed to increase awareness of drug abuse and to educate and positively motivate people with drug abuse problems. The policy for drug abuse is the same as that for alcohol abuse—zero tolerance. Any drug abuse or irresponsible use of alcohol by Navy personnel is viewed as a grievous failure to meet Navy standards and may result in disciplinary action or separation from military service. DRUG AND ALCOHOL PROGRAM ADVISOR.—The DAPAs are responsible for advising commanding officers on all NADSAP matters. These advisors  are  responsible  for  setting  up  command education,   prevention,   screening,   and   counseling programs. DAPAs also provide aftercare, probationary supervision, motivational training, and referral services for individuals who have been treated for alcohol abuse and have returned to full duty. All commands have DAPAs assigned as a full-time or a collateral duty. They are your primary points of contact for drug and alcohol abuse problems. RIGHT SPIRIT.The “Right Spirit” campaign was started in 1996 to improve the quality of life for Navy members and their families and to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Although the use of alcohol is depicted as fashionable in society, alcohol contributes to many of the country’s serious health and social  problems.  The  goal  of  “Right  Spirit”  is  to deglamorize alcohol and prevent alcohol abuse. Navy commands are required to promote an “it’s okay not to drink”  environment.  Preventing  alcohol  abuse  and alcoholism before problems occur greatly benefits the Navy in terms of lost workdays and costly treatment. The campaign includes the following two education programs. Alcohol Aware.—This program is a command-level alcohol abuse prevention and deglamorization course designed for all hands. The goals of the Alcohol Aware program are to make the participants aware of (1) the basic nature of the drug, alcohol; (2) the risks involved in   using   and   abusing   alcohol;   (3) the   Navy’s expectations, instructions, and core values; and (4) the definition of responsible use of alcohol. Each participant is asked to evaluate, anonymously, his or her own pattern of drinking to determine if it is appropriate and to make adjustments as needed. Alcohol Impact.—This program is designed for intervention. It is normally given during off-duty hours. Alcohol  Impact  is  not  treatment;  it  is  the  first intervention step in the treatment of alcohol abuse. It is an intensive, interactive educational experience designed for alcohol incident personnel. The course is primarily an educational tool, but objectives within the course could reveal that a higher level of treatment might be needed. ALCOHOL   TREATMENT   FACILITIES. ATFs provide help to fleet and shore commands by counseling personnel involved with drugs and alcohol. Individuals not requiring inpatient treatment may receive help in these nonresident-counseling programs. Many ATFs have a drug and alcohol abuse counselor who provides limited outpatient evaluation and counseling services. ATFs serve as local drop-in and crisis centers. They also provide continuing counseling services for personnel   who   previously   were   patients   in   other rehabilitation facilities and have returned to full duty.

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