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7-8 As a work center supervisor or division supply petty officer, you must cooperate with the supply department by returning replaced parts. By doing that, you will help the fleet use assets more efficiently. Afloat Shopping Guide (ASG) The  Afloat  Shopping  Guide  (ASG),  NAVSUP P-4400,   is   another   source   used   for   identification purposes. It is designed to assist fleet and Navy supply support personnel in identifying an NSN for those items of supply which do not have a part/reference number. Descriptions and illustrations may be used to determine substitutions  and  applicable  NSNs  in  the  general hardware area. The ASG consists of  seven  volumes  containing descriptive   data   and   illustrations   accompanied   by alphabetic and NIIN indexes of the groups/classes. The NIIN index also indicates the availability of an item from the mobile logistics support forces. The ASG is updated annually, and each volume is reissued in its entirety every fourth year. Figure 7-8 shows a page from the ASG. Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List (COSAL) The   Coordinated   Shipboard   Allowance   List (COSAL) is both a technical and a supply document. It is technical in that nomenclature, operating characteristics, technical  manuals,  and  so  forth,  are described   in   Allowance   Parts   Lists   (APLs)   and Allowance  Equipage  Lists  (AELs).  It  is  a  supply document in that the COSAL provides a complete list of all parts required to operate and maintain the equipment installed at all ship/shore activities. The COSAL is prepared for individual ship/shore activities. It lists the following: 1. Equipment  or  components  required  for  the ship/activity to perform its operational assignment 2. Repair parts and special tools required for the operation,   overhaul,   and   repair   of   these equipments 3. Miscellaneous portable items needed for the care and upkeep of the ship/activity The COSAL is based on equipment configuration data contained in the computerized Weapons System File (WSF) at the Ships Parts Control Center (SPCC). The WSF includes the reported equipment configuration installed on each ship as well as the individual repair parts applicable to those equipments. Configuration information for the COSAL must be precise. Therefore, the initial establishment of a configuration database must be accurate. Thereafter, changes resulting from additions, deletions, or modifications of equipments must be reported promptly. The quality of the COSAL is only  as  good  as  the  equipment  configuration  data available  to  the  various  activities  involved  in  its development. Figure 7-5.—Master Cross-Reference List (MCRL), Part II

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