Basic Military Requirements (BMR) - Requirement for military advancement

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Chapter 1 Policies And Programs

Chapter 2 Military Conduct And Justice

Chapter 3 Watch Standing

Chapter 4 Communications

Chapter 5 Naval History

Chapter 6 Naval Oranization

Chapter 7 Basic Seamanship

Chapter 8 Ship/Aircraft Characteristics

Chapter 9 Customs And Courtesies

Chapter 10 Uniforms And Formations

Chapter 11 Small Arms

Chapter 12 Damage Control

Chapter 13 Chemical, Biological, And Radiological Defense

Chapter 14 First Aid And Health

Chapter 15 Survival

Chapter 17 Financial Management And Stress Management

Chapter 18 Surface Preservation

Chapter 19 Safety And Hazardous Materials

Chapter 20 Sea Power

Chapter 21 Leadership And Supervision

Chapter 22 Security Requirements And International Agreements

Appendix I Glossary

Appendix Ii Basic Reading List

Appendix Iii Ship's Classification

Appendix V Navy Goal Card

Appendix Vi Instructions For Completing The Chapter Comprehensive Tests

Appendix VII References


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